Pet Medications Prescription Release Form

Pet Medications Prescription Release Form

  • In recent years there have been a growing number of online and regular pharmacies offering pet medications and preventatives. At The Village Vet, our first and most importance concern is your pet's Health and well being. We carefully choose the medications we offer to our patients, making sure they are safe, effective and fully guaranteed by the manufactures. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about some of the other pharmacies where lower cost is the driving force. We you ask our doctors to prescribe a pet medication to be purchased elsewhere, please be aware that we, or the drug companies cannot guarantee that product should a recall be made, adverse reaction occur or break in efficacy is found. The pet drug companies may only guarantee medications purchased through the veterinarians.. Should you still decide to purchase your pet's meds elsewhere, we will ask you to sign a waiver stating you are aware of this information. As always, please feel free to discuss with us any questions or concerns. Respectfully, The Village Vet
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H. Storm

There have been several instances where we have needed to get our animals in NOW, and the village vet has always been there for us. They educate us, they always think of our pets first, and are inclined to go with the least invasive methods whenever possible

K. Gendron

I’d recommend the Village Vet to anyone. Dr. Moore has been wonderful the past few weeks. They are extremely helpful and call you back to answer your question that day. They never make you feel stupid and want nothing but the best for your animal. I am soooo pleased I picked them to take care of my puppy!!! Thank YOU Village Vet!!!!

D. Knapik-Clauser

This is a great Veterinary practice. They really care about the animals they treat and are easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

K. Beana

Dr. Blitz is an amazing Vet. My family and I have been going here for years. Great customer service, they truly care for the animals, and the prices are perfect. Would highly recommend bringing your family member here.

S. Scott

I have been going there with my two girls for 6 years and they have been wonderful with my dogs. Dr.Blitz is amazing and really cares about my girls. The staff are wonderful and seemed to really love what they do.

T. Forbes

Great staff, they definitely care and want the best for their pet clients. My dog gets the best care with them!

K. Waterbury

Great great great. Not one person there isn’t amazing, kind or wonderful. So helpful and not patronizing at all! Highly recommend!

T. Epner

We love the village vet! We bring our two fur family members here, our dog and cat and get the best service. Dr. Blitz is amazing, caring and compassionate to our animal family members. The place is always spotless and so inviting in the rooms, love the artwork!