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Spring 2009

Dr. Gough


Greetings everyone! Apologies for the long hiatus since our last issue. It has been a LONG winter and I think we have all suffered from cabin fever. Now is the time to get ourselves and our pets out into the fresh air. For our canine companions make sure that you have your preventatives for heartworm, fleas and ticks. This area has seen a huge rise in the deer tick population, the tick that carries Lyme Disease. Please consult any staff member if you see these ticks on your pets. For our feline companions we recommend preventatives for heartworms, fleas and intestinal parasites. Have a great summer and keep your pets happy and healthy!

In case of Emergency

As you know there was a significant fire at the Daniel Drive apartments in Webster in November. We contacted a fire department lieutenant to ask about the protocol on rescuing animals in this type of situation.

The firefighters’ first duty is to control the fire and sweep the building for people. Once the fire has been controlled and it is safe to do so, firefighters will do a second sweep. This is usually when they will look for animals.

At this point the local animal control officer and the SPCA will have been notified. Rescued animals, if not claimed at the site, will be placed with the animal rescue team who will provide care and shelter. This is the first place to look if you can’t find your animal. Consider putting a fire rescue sticker on your door.


Ask Louise

My darlings!

Today I have advice for you humans. My feline colleagues will be very upset with me, but I do it for the greater good.

Every so often there comes a time when you simply must put kitty in a carrier, get in the car and go to the vet. Kitty hates this but she must learn that it is for her own good.

My advice is on how to successfully corral that scrappy, clawing bit of teeth, nails and fur. Kitty is psychic. As soon as you start even thinking about imprisoning her, she intuits this and runs under the furniture. You’ve tried putting the carrier out the night before. You’ve tried treats. You’ve even tried brute force. Which may have involved brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Silly humans, it’s elementary. Ever close a door on a kitty? What happens? She comes to the door at once and claws at it, meowing to get in. She sticks her paw under the door. So, next time you have to capture kitty go into the bathroom and shut the door and wait. Kitty will come to you! Let her in! Love her up. Pick her up. Kiss her forehead. Clutch her with a death grip and put her in the carrier that you set out already. You’ll never be late for the vet again.

Featured Pet

Featured Pet

Percy: The Fire Refugee

Percy and her owner Beth, a Vet Tech who used to work with Dr. Gough, lived at the Daniel Dr. apartments. Dr. Gough happened to be driving down Daniel Dr. when she saw the fire plume. She called Beth who left work and rushed to the scene.

After an agonizing amount of time a firefighter came out carrying Percy’s favorite blanket, and Percy was in it, safe and sound!

Percy stayed at The Village Vet for observation and care while a new home was found. We’re happy to report Percy suffered no ill affects as a result of the fire and are happy that she and Beth survived the ordeal.

In Memoriam

Jessie, Jonnah, Deja, Fiona, Gigi, Abby, Kitten, Magic, Jenny, Lily, Pepper, Zaboo, Ginger, Bailey, Jewels, Lyle, Roti, Flash, Tipper, Baxter, Spanky, Hunter, Gypsy, Calvin, Lolita, Charlie, Kiki, Hey-You, Cody, Kaico, Beauty, 09, Harley, Gracie, Breanna, Nikki, Lazette, Coco, Bouzzer, Bun Bun, Judge, Sushi, Mattie, Nala, Bagel, Norton, Bianca, Sophie, Daphne V, Mittens W, Muffin D, Muffin W, Lucy R, Lucy P, Lucy S, Riley S, Riley H, Missy M, Missy B, Jack C, Bobbie B.

Quote of the Month

”I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” —Winston Churchill

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